Battery extender cables

I would like to see battery extension cables so you could put your battery more than a few inches from you cortex/power expander.

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I agree! The placement of batteries has always been inconvenient for us, and extension cables would open up many possibilities for teams.

Yes, this would be extremely helpful and allow for different robot designs. Being able to place a battery very low and running a cable to the cortex placed elsewhere, would definitely help many robots maintain a better center of gravity. Please consider adding such a product.


I agree. This would be a great product to sell! It would help out SO many teams.

This would be awesome. We could strap batteries on the front of the robot in order to bring the weight forward. Definitely would help the backheavy problem my team is having.

Do you know if anyone else had ever thought of this idea?

I asked about them in my thread in the ask the vex staff section …

I’d love to see this, too.

EDIT: I did a search, and I found this from JVN. It was brief, but he basically said that it would be brought up in an upcoming product development meeting. Unfortunately, it was 4 years, 10 months ago :confused: We need to get the ball rollin’ again :slight_smile:

It feels like it comes up at least once a year, here are some, I’m sure there are others.

We also need 12 packs of the other size HS gears and Sprockets like seriously…

Yes yes yes!

It’s been explained many, many times that this won’t be happening due to costs. Infact it was mentioned in your very own thread :wink:


I am in two minds about the battery extender cables. If we keep being given new VEX products to solve the problems we experience with our robots, it will take away some of the challenge. At the moment, teams really should consider the position of the cortex and batteries and plan to have space available for them amongst the myriad of motors, chassis, tower, moving arms and moving intake. I think that teams are currently forced to learn more about centre of gravity and fulcrum points for tipping, rather than just plonking their batteries at the front of their chassis on extender cables. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Paul

What I like about the idea of battery extender cables is the idea to have a cable in the cortex that you don’t end up pushing in and out so frequently. That way it would help protect the connections in the cortex :slight_smile:

Even if there was a rule change that made it so that you could make your own…


Agreed, but it does cause some bad engineering decisions. The battery cable really is too short and it often means that the cortex or power expander become buried within the robot just so the cable reaches. The short cable is probably the cause of most of the issues we see with the battery connector becoming intermittent, even an extra 3 or 4 inches would make a huge difference.

Never going to happen due to safety concerns.

It’s not the battery placement that concerns me, it’s the wear to the battery plug on more expensive components. We had a power expander need a plug replacement, and our 3 month old Cortex controller is already showing signs of a failing power plug. I don’t care if these extensions are only 2" long as long as they can be used as expendable parts to protect the more valuable items!

I agree 100% with this, but would still like to see something to prevent wear on the plugs to the Cortex and power expander.