Battery Extension Cables (Again)


HS legality:
Not Legal; VEX does not make them. (Round Up)

VEX U legality:
Legal; Make them yourself. (Toss Up)

Similar ruling:

Production Plans:

I would like to know if there is a definite decision made either way on this issue.

I understand if the VEX product management team decides not to make these. But if that is the case, can a ruling be made to allow battery extensions? (Kind of like the ruling that allows USB extensions.)

The batteries have a standard connection. Many electronics/hobby sites sell 4" extensions for about $4.25:

These will allow cortex and power expander battery ports to be plugged in/out of less.
These will allow teams to mount batteries at a different location on their robot to improve COG and accessibility.

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Thanks for the additional feedback on the battery extension cables. These are still on the list of potential new products.

In addition, I’ll make sure we discuss potentially allowing teams to create their own for use in the 2014-2015 VEX Robotics Competition season. Of course, there are trade-offs associated with allowing this and the GDC will consider all of them before making a rule change.

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Just out of curiosity what would be a harm of allowing teams to use these wires. I understand from a business standpoint trade offs for adding the product but why not allow teams to use them now?

Easier access to batteries for changing
easier to control COG
easier to mount the cortex in an accessible location to make the on off switch easy to access without having to worry about the battery

prevent yanking of batteries out of cortex to ensure longer lasting battery connection

none apart from business related things

The vexnet key extension is even precedent for this change.

Safety !

I doubt VEX will ever allow home made extension cables for the same reason they do not allow certain other repairs.

If VEX allow non OEM extension cables they cannot control the quality of the cables you may buy. Most cables would be acceptable but there’s the possibility of a “cheap” substitute using the wrong gauge wire or sub-standard connectors. The batteries are capable of providing perhaps 45A for a short amount of time and a battery short may result in significant damage to a robot or student.

Maybe VEX could test and allow/redistribute certain brands…