Battery in Cortex

Today in our competition, our battery disconnected from the cortex at various times, while it was still plugged in. Is there any way to prevent this?

New batteries?

Yeah, it sounds like one of the leads from the battery can wiggle and is coming loose from the Cortex power connection. There’s not really a good solution for this other than replacing the battery.

For situations like this we like to tape our batter connects with masking tape so it fits securely into the cortex

Using a battery extension cable helps if the connectors on the cortex itself are acting up.

If you use a battery extension cable, in the past we have used hot glue to secure the connector into the cortex. The extension cable has a more reliable retaining clip for the battery to secure to

Also check for wear on the battery connector’s small notch, we have had one battery where that part has worn down. Also check that the actual wires from the battery are not lose.

The same thing happened to us. Usually what happens is that one time you must’ve brute forced the battery plug in when trying to connect it to the CORTEX, which that would push the metal female insert inside of the plug. What you’re going to have to do is open the CORTEX up and push the metal insert back into place and maybe glue it to make it stronger. As I mean metal inserts, I mean the metal rings inside shown in the picture

By the way, that same issue happened to us during regionals and it caused us to lose a couple of qualification matches. NOT FUN.

Legend says, vex sent @tabor473 200 battery connectors so they never had the issue ever again

WHERE ARE MY CONNECTORS VEX? dkfjawe;lkcfhewalkjcfbwelcfijxkb23m x.;NASXDKJNAF

edit: i misheard him, they diddnt send him any connectors but would if he asked