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Hello everyone, I wanted to check something with you, the cortex battery when it lasts? an entire tournament ?, I say it because we will buy a new battery since ours is discharged in an hour or less

Most teams generally use Cortex NiMH robot batteries for only 1 match before recharging them.

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ok thanks, another question will we put it in fast or in safe?

Use Safe mode unless you absolutely need the batteries to charge faster.

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To expand on this, charging in ‘fast’ mode during a tournament, or some other time when you need a quick turn-around, is fine, but it does heat up the battery more, and take a bit more life out of it, so it’s a good idea to use ‘safe’ mode whenever you can get away with it, which is probably most of the time.


My team has 5 batteries or something so that there’s always one available. You may not need that much, but 2 or 3 is good.
I still like how you can choose between safe charging and charging quickly at the risk of blowing up your face

There is no such risk with the large Cortex batteries. Even the small batteries don’t explode when charged too aggressively. The “safe” setting refers to how safe it is for the batteries, not for you.


I know, it was just a joke. There’s no way vex would make something like that. :smiley:
Ima make the joke clearer next time

Sarcasm doesn’t translate well to text, and sarcastic answers to sincere inquiries for information can often just wind up confusing people who don’t have enough context to understand that it was a joke.


Muy bien, les agradezco toda esta informacion, compraremos la bateria nueva y en la competencia llevaremos las dos baterias cargadas aun asi estaremos cargando en modo “seguro” las dos baterias, acerca del chiste, no te preocupes :slight_smile: pero en veces concuerdo con @John_TYler

The fast mode is a little dangerous actually. One time when we put it on “fast” and then started working on our robot the battery leaked a LOAD of battery acid and stained the table (that stain is still there to this date). However, we have never been able to truly find out if it was the battery or because it was on fast (we never used that charger ever again just in case) .

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