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I have recently ran into an issue with one of my V5 batteries. The battery will show 3 green lights when the charge indicator button is pressed but it will not power any of my brains on. When the battery is plugged in to charge it will flash a red light 1 time per second. I’ve tried leaving it to charge at which point the 1 light was still flashing red. Flashing red light only appears while charging. Pressing the battery level indicator will still show 3 green lights. I have tried pressing the reset button but nothing has changed. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Take a look here:


I saw this article during my research and i did identify that it is flashing the 1 red light every 1 second. The article doesn’t provide a solution. Simply states to unplug from the charger. I wish it the battery would provide some sort of detailed error code.

Wdym?? why would there be a battery problem

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Is there a green indicator when the red is flashing?

Understand when the battery shows the red LED with any of the green LEDs briefly flashing (once per second), an internal cell failure has been detected and the battery is essentially dead.

Otherwise it might be your charger / power supply. Do you have a second battery charger you could try?

for my team, charging it to a little more than full always fixed it

It is a single red light flashing. No green lights when charging.

I do have multiple chargers. All chargers are working fine with the other batteries. I have tried different chargers and connecting it to different brains. I did try leaving it charged like another user suggested but it just continues to flash red.

i think your battery has died if it is not fixing when recharge it to full

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It sounds very much like one cell has died and we have constant cell under volt error. We do have detailed information available from the battery, but only if it will power the brain and you can run the battery medic program. So probably not much can be done with that one.


Is the battery under warranty and able to be RMA’d?

Give our Customer Service team a call, and they can help you determine that along with next steps.


I’ll be contacting customer service. Thank you everyone for your help!

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