Battery left plugged into powered on Vex Cortex

Firstly, I apologize if this isn’t appropriate. I just need some reassurance on whether or not I’m screwed.
I (forgetfully and stupidly) left a battery plugged into a Vex Cortex that was on. Not running, but the two lights were green and ready to go.

Will there be any detriments to this? Especially one to the Cortex? And a bunch of motors and sensors, if it counts.) Its gonna be left there for about 4 days.

I really don’t want to get chewed out by her for breaking such an expensive kit.

The Cortex will just continue powered on until the battery dies.

Most likely you won’t have any permanent damage, but the battery will definitely need recharging.


oh. thank god. i thought it would short circuit or some fatal thingy and i’d end up having to pay $250. thank, thank, thank you. hopefully my teacher doesnt use this site… he probably does so down the drain this post goes

I agree with Barin; I have accidentally done this several times with no harm to the battery or cortex, besides the battery needing a good overnight charge again.


you guys are lifesavers, thank you all so, so much

Our school has a class with Vex stuff. The class batteries are the small Cortex ones, which people leave on overnight and stuff. They seem to be fine after recharging.

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