Battery light turns red after little use?

We have a weird issue where it turns orange after we use it for around a minute, then red after 5. The cortex has 8 motors on it. Im not sure if its a cortex issue or if its a short somewhere. If its a cortex issue, should I be worried?

Same with us. We would use a full battery to hang or pick up a lot of objects, and then it’d turn red, but it still ran perfectly fine on red for while.

yep, just ran same battery for around 3 hours, a bit slower I guess?

Are you charging on fast or safe? My team found that batteries charged on safe will stay green longer

@wesleywong It sounds like your Cortex isn’t reading battery voltage correctly. Try outputting the detected battery level to an LCD or the debug stream and see what values you get over time.

Maybe even compare those values to what a multimeter reads.