Battery Low Cell 2 Voltage

I received a message when powering on the brain today, “Battery Low Cell 2 Voltage.” Pressing the test button on the battery gives 4 green lights. Battery Medic screen attached, seems to be fine except for the undervoltage errors. Happened again later, but “Cell 4” this time. Is this indicative of a bad battery, or a bad brain? battery-medic

A similar incident happened here in this thread where a low battery cell voltage was found. However, @jpearman stated that batter medic can only detect such problems if the battery is not being charged. Try running battery medic when the battery isn’t charging.


WHere did you get to that menu?

You launch it via the standalone V5 firmware updater. Hold CTRL + Shift + V then click on the V5 icon. Then click on the little doctor icon.

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