Battery Management @ Competition

Preparing for first official Sack Attack tournament. 15-20lb robot with power expander is running 10 393 motors–4 direct drive, 2 strafing, 2 lift (15:1 two aluminum arms) and 2 intake . Rear drive in 1 and 10. Front drive in expander. Strafe in 3 and 8. Lift 5 and 6]. Looking at 10-15 matches. We have three sets of batteries. In Gateway we could go whole tournament with just one change. We expect power drain to be quicker with all 393s. We have two chargers. Question is how to manage those batteries. I’d like to work with two sets and keep third as back up/reserve for elimination. One thought is change out every match and put back on charger. But is it good for these batteries to be “topping” them off? And time between matches may be short. My inclination is practice in a.m. and change to new set for a.m. quals (charge practice set). Late a.m. (11? switch out (charge over lunch). Replace as soon as set is charged. New batteries for eliminations. Good idea? Any better ideas/thoughts? One idea may be to replace primary battery more often than expander.

I would recommend running your robot to approximately the same degree as your tournement would cause the robot to run, then try to make decisions from there. I know my team could never last on just 6 batteries for a competition XD

Since we have around 15 batteries, whenever one team competes we switch out batteries whenever it gets near 7.2v. Now we have to split them between 4 teams, so we just have our chargers on fast and just carry around 2 extra batteries so we can switch out at anytime. And we ALWAYS switch out in eliminations, and then if you get to the Finals, we always switch to fresh batteries before the finals.