Battery need

Hi. Do you Have opinions and help tips when we use V5 with mecanum 4 wheels + blue 6:1 (600 RPM) cartridges, The V5 battery last only small Time. Can batteries Combine two and how to do IT.

I’m not sure how you would do it.

But you can only use one battery at a time for competition use. (page 39 of game manual)

Robots may use (1) V5 Robot Battery (276-4811).

600 rpm on mecs is very fast. your motors are pulling a lot of amps, and this drains battery capacity faster. since torque is directly proportional to current in τ=kI (where k is the motor’s torque constant and I is current), and time a battery lasts is proportional to average current draw in C=It (where C is battery capacity, is current, and t is time), you can simply increase your gear ratio so your motors require less torque to spin the wheels (200 rpm cartridges should be fine)

if you’re interested in the math behind this stuff, here’s a fun little calculator thats i use for combat robotics that you can mess around with