Battery not working? Please Help

I have been working on a vex iq robot lately so I charged my battery all night. I plugged it in the next day and it did not work in the brain. The brain showed no signs of working even though it was charging. Would anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.

Does the battery light turn orange when you plug it in, then turn to green once it is charged?

Do you have another battery to try?

It’s possible that you’ve discharged the battery past where the charger will charge. When you put it on the charger, rather than solid red (charging) it will be a flashing red.

But all is not lost. Take a motor and connect to port 1. Put a wheel on an axle, and mount on the motor. Put the battery in the brain. Now turn the wheel rapidly. The screen on the brain should flash when you do this. (The motor is acting like a generator). Turn the wheel 30 times rapidly. This puts a small charge back into the battery, enough that the charger will start working.