Battery problems/display

Brain shows that the battery is fully charged but the display says that the battery needs charged and will not run the robot.

Try to power cycle the brain (off, on) and if that doesn’t work try updating software. Also try leaving the battery on the charger for a night and see if that works. If none of this works I would replace the battery or the charger

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The image at the top right of your brain should never be what you use to check if your robot is at full charge or not. Go into settings>system info> voltage percentage. Sometimes the brain will flicker red after you add a fully charged battery just by using the robot and the mechanism used can draw enough power to trick the brain that the battery is low even though it’s not.

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Is this an old battery?

When you place the battery under a load the voltage drops and then comes back up when it’s done. If the voltage drops below a certain level at any point, I think it will tell you to replace the battery. Older batteries will drop the voltage more than newer ones.

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