Battery Problems

Anyone else having battery problems? I can’t seem to keep the remote control batteries charged and the 7.2 Volt to power the bot seems to go out often. Any suggestions, tips, advice for this problem.

Thanks in advance,


remote: Get the Vexnet AC power adapter to power the remote.
Robot 7.2v: Can you be more specific than “often”? Metrics are important in engineering.
Theory: A 3AH battery running at 6A load should run for 20-30 minutes.
Forum Search may show other peoples practical data:
eg 45 minutes here:

We had both of these problems for some time. The controller battery charging problem turned out to be because our charger had scorch marks inside it and wasn’t charging the batteries correctly. The intermittent 7.2 volt we only fixed this Saturday (thanks team 677). The plug in the cortex had been splayed apart from the battery being disconnected roughly many times, so it only loosely connected to the battery. It would disconnect of anything touched it or jerked it suddenly. We got help and bent it back into place, and have had no problems since. I hope this helps.:wink:

Yes!! Team 677 gave us so many helpful tips this past weekend! Bending the inputs for the battery in the brain with a very very small screwdriver will work. Just be careful while doing it. He also sprayed some stuff into it, which made it come out really easy when you tugged on it.


For the Joystick you could try the VEXnet Joystick Power Adapter.

For the robot’s battery make sure its making a tight seal around the male connectors on the battery pack.
Also are you using a 2000mAh or a 3000mAh battery?