Battery Questions

I just wanted clarification in the Wh of the V5 Smart Batteries…the Knowledge Base mentions that there is 12.8Wh. I thought it might be higher, more like 85Wh.

Also, is it possible to wire two batteries in parallel and plug it into a Brain to increase capacity? This would be a classroom setting demonstration and not for a competition.

Why do you think the capacity should be 85Wh? That would put it on par with the largest laptop batteries. VEX lists the battery has having a 1100mAh capacity. At a nominal voltage of 12.8, I get 14Wh. If we round to 1000mAh instead, we get the 12.8Wh figure that vex lists.

As for your question about running batteries in parallel, I wouldn’t recommend it. The batteries are designed to communicate with the brain and I doubt that communication works in parallel. I would sooner simply connect a higher capacity similar voltage battery in a safe manner through an adapter (DIY or otherwise), such as a 4s LiFePO4.