Battery Removal Question

Hi all,
My kit just arrived and I have a question about removing the battery from the brain. How far is the tab supposed to push down? I can only seem to get about halfway and I can’t remove the battery. I can’t tell if I’ve got a bad battery or if I’m just weak!

If the battery is installed correctly, it just slides in and out pretty easily (usually). If the brain is part of a bot, check that it’s not jammed on the tires or anything. If it got put in backwards, then you’ll just have to pull harder, gently encourage it with a big screwdriver, or whatever to get it out, then don’t do it again. If heard about, but never seen personally, a manufacturing defect that makes the batteries hard to remove.


@kmmohn said they slide in pretty easily. So if you pushed it in easily, it should come out easily. If you banged it into place that will be a problem.

You may benefit from taking the brain out of the robot to give you some more leverage. Squeeze the tab and then pull while PUSHING from the other side.

It’s super hard to get the battery in backwards, you would really notice it going in.

Most unlikely case: I have some of the battery packs with a manufacturing defect that makes the batteries hard to insert and remove. Look along the ridge that holds the pack in place. If the glue has separated, there will be a small gap and that will cause issues. I used a scraper tool (metal hook) that I used to trim the ridge down. Tolerances are tight, so it’s only a few scrapes to get it to clear.


The tab can become bent down if the battery is pushed out while pressing tab. Need to push battery in before pressing tab, then push back of battery to remove.

If tab is bent there is a battery key (will download a 3D printable tool). From this thread.

Without that, a thin blade screwdriver can do it, be careful… slide it in where the tab is, but not in center.

Later edit: btw, afaik you should not leave batteries installed in brain unused for long. Must use a trickle current to sense the check button; drains it.


Since it is under VEX IQ, discussion is VEX IQ, going to take a long shot and say VEX IQ.

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Well in that case I agree with @rhowbot in that you need to push down in the clip and push it out from the other side, that makes it much easier.

The tabs can suffer fatigue and the plastic will whiten slightly. When the tab is pressed, the clip doesn’t disengage. The removal tool linked by @rhowbot is excellent.

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Stressed tab above, new battery below…

Like this? These just arrived today. First time I bought, been using old hand-me-downs…
These stick in the charger, take lots of force. And they got surprisingly hot, charger green light was flashing. I know batteries can swell with heat and age…

I have twice had amazing young people put batteries in backwards so far I almost could not retrieve. They are superhuman!


I’d call VEX and send them back, ours never get hot to the touch.

The picture shows the split that I was talking about, thanks for posting it.