Battery removal.........

I have a number of IQ kits and getting the batteries out of the brain on some is crazy. The small tab to depress seems to
break or loose its rigidity and therefore does not drop away from the wedge holding it in.
Any suggestions? File the wedge away?

I think that is the unofficial solution. You can always have kids use a screwdriver to push the tab down as well.

At some point I think someone told me you could get those batteries exchanged but VEX would be better to comment on that.

Always a good idea to push it from the opposite side as you are trying to take it out. I also use my keys to get some out.

I don’t think young kids could do it, but I have had luck with pressing down pretty hard on the battery while pushing it from the other side. Some batteries work perfectly.

We just purchased 24 kits. Two had offending batteries. I contacted VEX directly. They told me to use a flat head screwdriver to extract the battery then email them and request replacements. Two new batteries are on the way, and they said to break off the tabs and keep the other two as backups. Great customer service!

Hey guys! I have about a dozen kits, so this problem was really bugging me. I created a 3D printed battery removal key that works perfect for removing the stubborn batteries. There’s a couple pictures of the final version. I’ll be delighted to share if any of you guys have access to a 3D printer. Let me know what you think!




Here’s a link that should be a video of the battery removal key in action.

Cool solution - I bet some people would love it if you attached the file(s)

That is an awesome idea… yet another excuse for me to buy a 3D printer!

@DesignGuyJared. How much for you to print for me and ship it to me? I don’t have a 3d printer, but it looks great.

Awesome solution, I’d be grateful if you could share the STL so we can print some of these.

Here’s the STL file ready for printing! Please let me know how it works out.


VEX Battery (23.7 KB)

Nice one, thanks Jared.

You’re welcome! I’m printing mine at 100 micron layer thickness to get the tabs as smooth and strong as possible. I’m also printing in PLA and these things are coming out very strong.