Battery status

I’m hoping someone can help me or confirm my observations. I’m trying to use nImmediateBatteryLevel and nAverageBatteryLevel and they don’t seem to be working as I expect them to.

I don’t have the LCD monitor so I’m running a motor at nImmediateBatteryLevel/100. I’m expecting the motor speed to go down as the battery drains but it doesn’t. To confirm the battery voltage is going down, I checked it with a DMM while the motor was running. The DMM shows changes to the battery level but the variable doesn’t.

The only time nImmediateBatteryLevel or nAverageBatteryLevel changes values is if I unplug the battery and reinsert it. Using the switch doesn’t do it. It looks like it keeps the initial voltage from when it’s plugged in.

I used the debuggers looking at variables, motors and System Parameters but there’s no change. It’s the same on RobotC v 4.32 and v 4.50. The code is simple -

I also tried “motor[motorOne] = nImmediateBatteryLevel/100;” without the variable but no luck. I appreciate any insight.