Battery straps constantly breaking

My team’s robot has been in development for over 2 weeks now, and one of our biggest problems has been our battery straps. They always break, without fail.

We want to know is if other teams have the same problem, and if you do, what have you done to fix this?

(Also, this is my first post on this forum, I’m really sorry if I posted this thread on the wrong part of the forum.)

ya, it is not very good. The lock is easily broken or stripped. We use rubber band

we use Velcro to hold ours on

My kids use a piece of the latex tubing tied in a loop. We found the tubing seems to be much more resistant to cuts than rubber bands, and because you can tie it, the latex tubing can be threaded through holes, etc. and added after a construction.

We invariably make a cage made of metal, standoffs, and rubber bands

Lots of teams just use the linear slide metal brackets, it’s easy and the batteries are fast to change.

We use a piece of metal and attach the battery to it with Velcro One Wrap band. There’s tons of different methods, but try to keep it simple and quick to change.

^Not sure if you tried it yet, but instead of tying it in a loop, just overlap the ends and tightly put 1 or 2 zip ties.

We use these or aluminum c-channels to hold our batteries in. In order to attain a sturdy cage, we use 2 or 3 c-channels (that are five holes long) depending on the direction the battery is going. To start, we put 2 c-channels parallel to each other four or five holes apart. The battery slides in perfectly between the two. You could also add another c-channel at the bottom perpendicular to the other two to keep gravity from pulling the battery out if needed. I can send pictures and such if you need it.

Thankyou everyone for all the help, I’ll make sure to go over every respone and decide wich one’s the most compatible with my team’s bot. :smiley:

If you haven’t chosen already, here is a battery holder that we used for a while:


It was simple and very stable. The battery could not shake or move, but could be easily removed by lifting it up.