Battery stuck in charger backwards

A student forced an IQ battery into the charger backwards. Any tips or tricks to removing this without destroying one or both of the items?stuck battery

This happened to me once… I don’t think non-destruction is a option. If you have any super lube (can be bought at try that, but if nothing works I used a hammer (rip charger)

If you look carefully, the battery is caught at the flap that is at the end of the connection point on the charger. I recommend using a flat head screwdriver to just bend away at the plastic as you use some force to dislodge the battery. It has happened a few times and I haven’t had to destroy either charger or battery yet. It does take a significant amount of force though so you might also want a pair of gloves :slight_smile:

White rubber mallet from Home Depot. The mallet won’t leave a mark on the battery.


Sounds like spoken from the experience. :wink:


Wish I’d thought of that

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