Battery testing parameters - settings you use to test your battery packs

With 8 teams we have collected a large number of battery packs and some of them are reaching their 4th birthday.

I’m planning to test them and was interested in what you do for test parameters. I have the West Mountain Radio CBA II to do the tests.

I’m looking for:

  • What you use for the starting test voltage? (Actual voltage from the pack or it’s rated (ie 7.2 volts) voltage
  • Current draw during the test (a match can draw 4 amps)
  • Do you test for a time or until the voltage drops to a point? If so what is the value.

Presently I’m using the actual starting voltage for the pack, stop the test at 5 volts or 3 minutes with a 5 AMP draw. ( A little more current than the robot can draw)