Battery Too Powerful

Is there anyway to limit the power of a battery in the programming software? After charging, the battery is too powerful for our launcher causing the ball to go about a foot over the high goal. After a few minutes of play, the battery will start to lose power and then our balls will go into the high goal consistently for several minutes. We could program the motors on the launcher with less power and it would work but then when the battery dies down a little the balls will be below the high goal.

The only way I can think of is using a control loop, such as with quadrature encoders. There is no way to limit battery flow itself.

One of our teams actually has a specific voltage he prefers the batteries to get to before use, so he (before the match that he has to use the new batteries) runs his drive for a certain amount of time to get the battery down to that level. If he needs to switch during elimination matches he has to call a timeout. He only has to do this once every 2-3 matches though

Thats what I figured we would have to do

You could reduce your power and then use buttons on the controller to bring it back up as the battery drops off

Create a function that uses your battery level as a parameter and calculates motor speed. For example, if battery level is low and motors are at 127- figure out what motor speeds need to be when battery level is high. See attached picture as an example. Might be a good way to account for any battery level.

I’ve thought of doing this and I have no clue what even parent function it would be… Although it should be nearly as good as a velocity control loop. I’ve been trying to get time to do all these projects like this one and haven’t gotten to any. I guess that’s what the off season will be for…

Lol, I saw him running his base motors and finally figured out why at the last tournament.

I think he actually times it so it drains a perfect amount… He did hit 23/24 the match right after he did it at the last tournament though :slight_smile: so it works…

Why do this method versus TBH or PID based upon the measured velocity of the flywheel?

The sensor giving jittery values? No space for a sensor? Don’t like IME static discharge resetting the robot?

I would suggest a voltimeter so you can have a more accurate measurement but whatever floats your boat

It’s not me or my team but yea thats basically what we tell him.