Battery troubles: Green and red flashing lights and voltage errors


I was able to follow the instructions for how to diagnose battery problems and here’s the diagnostic results. Behavior: even when fully charged it doesn’t power the brain for longer than a few seconds before shutting off. Tried to reset the battery multiple times and checked the firmware. Not sure what else can be done. Is it shot?

What can I do?

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It looks like you are having under volt errors (by the 184 counter). I recommend to charge it for an extended period of time (like a full day or more) and “stress test” it, (I usually prefer to attach like 10 motors and run them at full for a min or so.

I wouldn’t trust them in a competition for a while, but a few of ours that did this eventually recovered, although they are clearly marked “not reliable” still.

@jpearman was the one who helped me diagnose last time I had issues

The fact that cell 1 is already at 2.96V is not good. If you charge when connected to the V5 with the battery medic running, does the pack voltage reach 14.4V ?

Not sure why your cycle counter is also 0.

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OK i’ll try charging it for at least 12 hours and see if that helps.

Thanks I’ll try that and get back to you.

yea, that probably will not help.
We have a maximum charge time of somewhere around 3 hours, if pack voltage reaches 14.4V then charge will terminate and the four green led will flash occasionally. Run the medic program and see if cell 1 drops in voltage quickly, if that happens then that’s your issue.

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