Battery Voltage Detection?

I was wondering if it is possibly to , for example, detect the current battery voltage from a battery plugged into the cortex, and possibly a power expander, and have the ability to make robotc jump to a section of timed code, depending on the voltage, for example, if it was at 7.2v, then could you have it jump to a section that would have different timing for moving, then a, for example, 6.2v battery? This thought came to mind when I was switching over to encoders, but I was wondering if it was possible.

Yes its possible, not really a very good way to do it but it could be done. Something like this.

// different functions to run based on voltage
void func_1() {
void func_2() {
void func_3() {

// a demo, not real code.
task main()
  int voltage;
  // voltage in mV
  voltage = nImmediateBatteryLevel;

  if( voltage > 7500 )
  if( voltage > 7000 )
  if( voltage > 6500 )

  // more code...


You would be better of researching PID control.