Battlebot inspired bot - need ideas

Hah, it’s been a fun year of VEX. Sadly our team didn’t make it to state this year, but to celebrate our efforts we’re BattleBot-ing against our sister team. cough @PrincessZelda cough
We just finished building the base of our robot, and now it’s time to choose which BattleBot should inspire our design, and brainstorm how to build it.
Any ideas on which one we should choose?
How we should build it?
Driving strategies?
Anything else would be appreciated.


6 motor 10,000 RPM flywheel with a heavy bar made out of steel.


don’t do a spinner cus u will probably just break ur own robot, do a wedge/ grapple bot and focus on lifting ur opponent out of the field or onto their side



be inspired by tombstone
nothing else needs to be said that bot is an absolute greatness


Hammers could work. or maybe some sort of flipper like Bronco

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Spearbot, just a puncher with a sharp piece of c-channel attached


I would say a wedge bot but don’t know if any vex components that would be small enough to make a good wedge

What about a slipgear hammer?

You could make a flipper with rubber bands pulling the arm up and gear with some missing teeth powered by a multi stage gearbox for extra torque. use the flat aluminum to get below the other bot. The arm would have to flip like some of the turning point ball shooters don’t know the exact name of them but i think you could find one easily.


Kind of like vex battlebots bronco.

make one inspired by endgame, endgame has a few people that did vex on their team.

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Your best bet is a control bot, make a strong arm with a ton of torque, flip em over :slight_smile:

Oof all I did was protect the motors. Lol

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Try this…
Halp me…

Hehe, I’m going all out on this.



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Maybe something like overdrive, with a simple wedge as a weapon. It does minimal damage, and would probably be effective.
Or maybe a clamp like (I think) complete control, to just grab a bot and drag it around the arena.


Prince Sidon won! Good game Flobart.

Just wait. Next year will be even better. :sunglasses:

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