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post your favorite battlebot

either tombstone, minotaur, duck, or bite force for me

My favorite would either have to be Endgame or Minotaur. Axolotl, Huge, SMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, tombstone, and Hydra are close seconds.

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never heard of endgame axolotl huge smeeeeeeeeeeeee or hydra but they sound cool

i like duck because it can take HUGE hits and be fine duck should cover his wheels, the times he loses his wheels got knocked off. but he can’t do much damage he has to use the battlebox but you should watch bite force vs. tombstone

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I like aegis, purely because I am on the team

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BRONCO all the way.


bronco is bad in a good way

We didn’t do so great though. We are remodeling and getting better armor as the kevlar did not do so well

you are on a battle bot team!!!


Probably BotsIQ <20char>

No legit battle bots.

@sketchyhat1I assume you just got into the sport. Bronco has a 20+ year legacy.

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what i meant was he is awesome

like bad a-word!!!

Moist pony. Definitely.


You should really rephrase that, or learn to back track better.

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Moist pony is lit <20 char>


He cracked the lights in one mathc

*match <82837473882>