Battlebots is Back!


It’s Robot Fighting Time!

Battlebots is back! Don’t forget to tune-in to the Discovery Channel tonight for the bot-smashing action of the BattleBots Season 3 premiere, airing tonight at 8 EST / 7 CST.

VEX Robotics is proud to sponsor nine Battlebots teams for the 2018 season. Be sure to check them out!

For even more exclusive content, you can also check out this interview with Team Witch Doctor, and their #GirlPowered builder, Andrea Suarez:

Fun fact: In addition to educational robotics kits and parts, did you know that VEX Robotics also makes parts for Battlebots? Many robots competing in season 3 utilize the Victor BB motor controller!

Watch the Battlebots Season 3 Premiere on the Discovery Channel, tonight at 7 CST. New episodes will air every Friday until a champion is crowned! For even more Battlebots news, sign up for their newsletter at, or join the conversation on social media with the hashtags #VEXRobotics, #BattleBots and #omgrobots!


@tabor473 , I think it’s time that you reached your End Game :stuck_out_tongue:


Yay for battlebots season 3! But the real question is why doesn’t VEX / IFI sponsor End Game?


Hopefully next time? :slight_smile:

Episode 1 had some epic fights, we need as many viewers as possible to help the ratings get us Season 4! The episode that airs on Fridays 8pm will also air on Science Channel on the following Wednesday, so if you miss it, make sure to tune in then.

p.s keep an eye on this weeks fight cards when they become available


Since I don’t have cable, where can I watch it?


Easiest is here on Amazon.

20$ for whole season. The first episode was amazing so it should be worth it.


Bronco was the one with the pneumatic flipper right.


Ya and runs VEX cortex, VEX joystick and vexnet.


Really. That’s neat


Wot-?! How?!? How have they not disconnected during a match?! xD


I was confused when I first saw it with a vex controller in season 1.


Well they don’t have to follow any rules about modifying electrical components. They completely remove the cortex case and bypass the battery connector/ power switch etc

Also it helps that max 5 teams are driving a robot at the same time at the event. 3 in match and 2 test boxes so interference is a lot lower than 1000 teams at worlds.


And they use orange vexNet keys lol


The fights for tomorrows episode were just posted, and its team END GAME’s first fight. Everyone tune in Friday at 8pm on Discover to watch.


The Battlebots Twitter referenced #vexworlds


And the eventual winner is…




Minotaur almost beat him, they might have won had they not been caught on the shredded field.

Spinners are their own worse enemies if they go up against a robot that can take a punch.


Fair enough.


Tombstone would still be a safe bet. I hope in the future we see theses “fight nights” live.