Battlebots is Back!


So there are some fun matches tonight.

Team End Game fights the VEX sponsored team LockJaw. LockJaw’s team has actually won Battlebots back when it was on comedy central and came more prepared for the event than every other team there. It is no secret that we were a little worried about this fight.

Team Tantrum is also run by a former VEX employee.

Tombstone of course is also a VEX sponsored team and is against Gigabyte a terrifying full body spinner.


Why is it not free on Science Channel Anymore?


It airs on Science the following Wednesday


I believe the question was actually about the science channel website. Which had episodes 1 and 2 for free but episode 3 is locked and requires a cable subscription. Now as to why that is, I am not sure, but it isn’t unreasonable. Most channels do this after the first episode.


I’m pretty amped for End Game vs LockJaw… “old school” vs “new school”. And End Game has already made a pretty big statement in their first episode.


End game vs Lockjaw should’ve been the main event imo


On days like this where there were 2 big fights they were calling them “co main events” and had them both taken as seriously. Our last fight was the same way. It looks like for airing they simplify it to only 1 main event.

Sometimes they had this image.

And other times it was this image


We will try to make VEX proud. Hopefully one day we will earn a @Karthik “give them an award right now”.

Linking to time doesnt work in embedded video, either go to youtube or skip to 2m 2 s


Just to add to this, VEX have just released their behind the scenes videos on Team OYES and End Game.


Everyone was asking for us to be a main event so here it is.
This Friday 8pm on discovery.
Bite Force is obviously the 2015 Battlebots champion and another VEX sponsored team. A well built machine driven by an experienced driver. He is also another Alumni from WPI.

A lot of other serious competitors competing this week,
Saw Blaze is a crazy good drive and wedge that comes with a serious KO weapon.
SOW (Son of Whyachi) another VEX sponsored team that has a huge Full Body Horizontal spinner.
Whiplash is a unique design that pairs are small vertical spinner and a lifting arm so they can control where they hit on their opponents.


Hey, sorry to ask such a silly question. But do you know exactly why Battlebots 2018 is considered “Season 1” on Direct TV when there has been previous seasons of Battlebots? Sounds funny but it took me a long time to search for it until I figured out it was titled as Season 1.



According to The Free Encyclopedia, eight (8) seasons of BattleBots have been on television. It’s got me stumped too.



It’s the first season on the Discovery Channel. There have been 8 seasons, but the first 5 were on Comedy Central. ABC picked up the show, and had a similar claim by stating that they were in season 2 when it was truly season 7.


@tabor473 details on what happened? Feelsbad




I’m sorry man but don’t you think it’s a little bit your fault for looking at a post strictly for battle bots


Yeah, you’re correct. Sorry about that, I was trying to make it seem like a joke but I guess it came out rather more serious instead. It is my fault for looking into this thread and to not expect spoilers when most probably there will be XD


It’s also part my fault man I should be a little more sensitive about these things, sorry bro.


Our 4th fight of the season is tonight on BattleBots. They have been facing us off against a whole lot of former champion quality teams. And against another VEX sponsored team.



Can you give details on what happened in the fight vs SOW? Did the impact jostle something loose or was there a different problem?