My school team is totally going to do battlebots for fun. Here are our ideas so far:
Cosmic Light Beam
Airsoft Gun
Dry Ice

Any more ideas or comments on this?

You want more ideas?


My best idea so far is to get an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) projector to shut down the competition, then do whatever you like!
Has some EMP guns for sale…

I yeah I forgot, my friend told me to do that!

Just be careful, VEX wasn’t desgined to be taking the beatig of a fight.

Oh and be ready to pay for replacments…

Im not so sure how Vex can take the shock of an EMP…

well to start off with an EMP woud shut down ur robot when it gos off .and i just woud not try it. now besides the EMP the other ideas are good. just be ready to buy alot of replacment parts. i tryed that 1 time i had to buy alot steel parts and a new reciver:o.anyway have fun;)

Vex is very capable of doing battle just cover the parts that are really nessary in metal like a roll cage.

i think its not so great an idea becuase it eats money
awesome cus
if you’re not the one building / fixing it
its pretty freakin awesome

I’ve wanted to build a battle bot but don’t want to pay the concequences of possibly having to buy new parts.

There are other ways to do battle than doing massive damage. You could put targets on the bots and try to hit the target. Maybe 4 targets, front, back, port, starboard. Having each target disable something for a period of time and tagging 2 or more targets disables the robot.

On a second note, I consider the normal course of battle bots to be rather pathetic. They are no better than remote controlled combat toys. If they were autonomous it would be much more interesting, and add a level of difficulty to the programming. Just my $0.02 worth.

Ray Moore

Get Moose and Squirrel.

iv made a battle robot well realy iv made 5.anyway the best battle robot iv built is a small chassie with 4 small wheels and as for the wepon i used 3 long bars put them together and i had a 3ft blade i put it on top of my bot and i geard it for high speed and i got the blade to destroy alot of things my old R/C’s and some other junk it was my best battle robot:D :smiley:

maybe u can try it:D

You’re thinking liquid nitrogen, not dry ice. Big difference there:)

Not if the dry ice was in a bottle!

I’d have to agree. I can see how flamethrowers, chainsaws and portable nuclear devices :wink: might be more glamorous but they’re not very practical and potentially very hazardous. If I remember correctly from when I used to watch BattleBots on the Comedy channel, most of the weapons you talked about would be illegal even in their competition.

Obviously you’re free to do it in any way you like but I would strongly suggest battling in ways that are non-destructive. Remember what all our mum’s used to say when we were little? “It’s all fun until someone gets hurt”. :slight_smile:

“small nuclear devices” hold up, that’s a little extreme don’t you think.

little fun history fact- In the state of california, if you detonate a nuclear device you will be fined $500

That’ll make the terrorists think twice won’t it?

Small price to pay for all that fire…

I know people who are worse…:stuck_out_tongue:

Try a design for a plasma ball generator that I got from a Japanese museum.
Plasma Ball Generator

I have to agree with all of the above and I think battlebots are great and all but if it were autonomous it would be much better and more fun to watch. At my school we did an exhibition with our robots during the lunch breaks and everyone who came up to us asked us to make them fight or could you make them fight. Everyone wanted to know if they were battlebots and everyone made references to battlebots. I know not everyone knows about robotics but not one person asked an intelligent question and I’m sorry if I’m rude but if you don’t know about something don’t assume.

Why not just mount a potato cannon on a bot. You could have a servo to spray the propellent, a servo to close off the expansion chamber, and another servo to push down the ignitor.

disclaimer: Potato cannons are VERY DANGEROUS and should not be made by anyone, not even you mr, knowitall. So never make anything like this EVER.