Baud Rate

What is the baud rate on the on board TTL serial port for the RC controller? The default code value in user_SerialDrv.c is to use baud_115 (= 21) what speed does this correspond to? In ifi_utilities.h there is also baud_19, baud_38, and baud_56. What speeds do these correspond to?

The default baud rate on the TTL Serial Port is set at 115 Kilobits. The baud_115 corresponds to this 115 Kilobits rate while baud_19 corresponds to 19 Kilobits, baud_38 corresponds to 38 Kilobits, and baud_56 corresponds to 56 Kilobits. For more detail information, please refer to the Microchip data sheet for the PIC18F8520 at