Bay Area Scrimmage

While i was looking at the Robotevents website, i realized that there is only one event in March teams could compete (Tracy Vex Tournament) in the Bay Area region. I was wondering if any teams in the Bay Area and Valley region would be interested in a scrimmage two weeks before the world competition. (April 10th)


Yes :smiley:

I was having a conversation with a few of the NorCal teams after the Independence competition, and the general consensus was that a scrimmage would be best in late March or early April, so yours seems to fit that slot.

In case somebody else is considering a scrimmage, most of 254 would be available the weekends of March 6, 13, and 27, and April 10. The other weekends we’re at FRC competitions, so only some teams could show up. If there’s enough interest in a second scrimmage, I’ll try to coordinate one on one of those weekends.

There’s a little scrimmage in Texas on the 13th. :wink:

I’d also be interested in april 10th.

All these dates work fine for me.

Lets get this organized :smiley:

Well would it be alright to have it in Tracy. We are willing to do it but we only have one field. If someone can bring a field it would go a lot smoother.

At this point, Team 254 is aiming to hold a scrimmage on 4/10, and possibly 4/11 as well. The location is about a minute away from Bellarmine College Prep in San Jose (10/31 tournament) - I’ll post the address later on.

If your team is interested, please post what date(s) would work for you. The facility is pretty small, so if we get too many teams we’ll have to assign everybody a day (Saturday or Sunday). Team 1000 has told me they would prefer Saturday.

@9378: although we appreciate your offer to host a scrimmage as well, it makes more sense for us to keep our field in San Jose. Have you tried asking Cal High for their field?

254C can probably make it both days, but, if too many teams decide to come, we would also prefer Saturday.

I don’t think any of the 9378’s are going to be able to make it due to the spring break vacation and all of are equipment being locked in school. Would it be possible if it could be on the 17th because it is after spring break? (Just out of curiosity)


April 17th is too late for Team 1000, atleast, because we are planning to have our robot packed that weekend, considering that it’s the weekend before Dallas.

…and we’ll be in Atlanta for FIRST World Championships on April 17th, so unfortunately we have to say no as well.

It might be worth asking some of the other qualified NorCal teams if they’re interested (1129, 1031, 1337, 9339, 1451, etc.).

254D can make either Saturday or Sunday but probably not the full time (or else our backup driver can get some practice instead of me)
saturday is preferred if we get too many dudes coming
and yeah, 17th doesn’t work for bellpride’s reason

Now that we’re getting closer to the date – is Saturday finalized?

Looks like Saturday is fine, but Sunday might be a problem because of the weather. The facility isn’t big enough to hold both the field and a place to build, so any physical changes to your robot will have to be made out in the open.

Time: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Place: I’ll PM you the address (EDIT: Or not, I’ll just send it to the Team 1000 email address)
Please bring any power cords or strips you’ll need to charge batteries, plug in laptops, etc.