Bayshore High School proudly presents: Double High-Hang with a Large Ball

At our recent competition, both of Bayshore’s robots were having various issues with our drive train and overheating motors, so we decided to go for a double high hang in the elimination rounds. This has to be the best way anyone has ever been knocked out of an elimination tournament. We lost 51 to 52! :smiley:

I don’t know if it is worth to take so long to get double hanging.

Like I said, our drive train was pretty much screwed and we couldn’t drive around the field very well. We could only go over the bump a few times before we overheated.

I was there, that was so exciting! No offense, but didn’t you guys end up losing by one point? That was a great match.

Yeah, we lost by 1 point. I still find it hilarious

I meant that you would definitely need more time to get double hanging work. In that time, you will totally lose your defense. Your opponents could easily cap two stashes, descore you pts as they want. Your double hanging advantage will disappear.

Yeah, pretty much. That’s what happened to us. We didn’t expect to get very far that day with all of the problems we were having.

Yesss!!! I didn’t realize it took you the whole match however. I thought you guys spent like the last minute doing that

We tried to, but in the end it took more time than desired. 5900S couldn’t really pick up Large Balls, so we had to get one for them and for us. We also had to deploy our hook (“HOOK, HOOK, HOOK!”) before we could get a Large Ball.

Impressive… never seen two robots high hang with the big ball before… :smiley:

Thanks! Neither have we! I don’t think anyone has, in fact!

I am speechless. Wow that is the best way to get knocked out! That’s the man way to lose. Eventhough you guys lost at least it is a legend this year.

Yeah. I’m not sure, but I think this is the first double High hang with a large ball. At least in Florida, that’s for sure. I know I saw another match where two teams hung on the bar, but one was a low hang.

What do you use to pull the robot up, I see it going soo slowly up…

We both use a winch to pull the robots up. We have them geared for torque to avoid damage to the motors. Not as fast as one would hope, but it works for now and hasn’t failed us so far.

2 winch and pulleys, one on each side? And I saw it pretty fast, how long does it take? Around 7 seconds?

Actually, just one winch system. I think we clocked in at about 11 to 15 seconds. You can read more about it and see another hanging vid in our robot reveal thread: