BC and Washington Championships 3/2 and 3/9

Some interesting facts about the upcoming British Columbia VEX Championships at the British Columbia Institute of Technology:

50% of the teams playing in the FINALS at the World Championships last year competed at BCIT.

Two of the teams taking part in “A” division this year have won World Championship titles. Two of the teams have been World Finalists.

Two provinces (BC and Alberta) and two states (Washington and Oregon) will be represented. We are particularly pleased to have the Alberta teams joining us this year for the first time!

There are 39 teams in “A” division. Every one of those teams had to win an award at an earlier tournament in order to qualify. I haven’t even counted how many of them have already qualified for Worlds, but let’s just say “lots”. There will be no easy matches!

Students on the Championship Alliance are given conditional acceptance to BCIT’s Engineering, Robotics and Technology programs.

There are 63 teams in B Division, including some teams coming to their very first VRC event.

There will be six playing fields, one skills challenge field and one (very busy) practice field. The gym will be packed and overflowing.

Unfortunatly there will be no live webcast this year.

Any predictions?


No webcast? How am I supposed to figure out what awesome designs are coming out of Canada?

Can someone put at least the finals on Youtube?

I wonder if we could live stream to competition at BCIT this year like the time-laps of the competition last year. I can help out setting up the equipment if you want.

You may have noticed last year that some of the unique designs don’t appear until Worlds… the best way to keep a secret, apparently, is to keep it secret.

And while it might be a bit late to set up live streaming now, I fully expect the finals will be posted in short order.


Wow, that was a great tournament yesterday! As always, thanks to the tournament organizers and event staff including all of the judges, queuers, pit runners, field-resetters and referees. This was 1492 WASABI’s first time attending the BC Championships and it was definitely worth it. Here is a summary of the results for the A division (as best I can remember).

Tournament Champions: 2Z, 1492A, 917Z
Tournament Finalists: 1136B, 1136A, 917K
Excellence Award: 2M
Design Award: 2K
Amaze Award: 1492X
Create Award: 1492A

Driver Skills: 2K
Programming Skills: 2M

I will update this post once the robotevents page has been updated with the awards I can’t remember.

Running three divisions (A, B1, B2) and six fields (not including skills) simultaneously was a sight to see. I loved the accessibility between the pits and the fields and the amazing custom trophies. Thanks again for an amazing tournament.

Did anyone have a defensive robot in the same vein as that amazing Canadian robot at Worlds last year? I really wanted to watch the BC Championships just to see what awesome designs you guys had come up with.

Nothing has been revealed as of yet. But I’m almost positive that there are a few of these gamebreakers in the making.

Now that the two big events in Cascadia are over, I thought it might be time to blend the discussion. BC and Washington have been playing each other for seven years now, and there is a lot of overlap.

My contributions:

  • I doubt that World Championships will be tougher than the Western Washington and BC finals. What a great pair of tournaments.

  • Two BC and one Washington team won the Western Washington event, and two Washington and one BC team won the BC event. This nearly always happens – the BC teams win in Washington, and Washington teams win in BC.

– The new Central Washington middle school and high championships drew 61 teams, there were 61 teams at the Western Washington championship event, and the BC BCIT twin championship events drew 106. Some teams competed at more than one of these tournaments, but those are still exciting numbers. In 2010, BC and Washington combined for 79 teams. This year that number is 263 – that’s more that 330% growth in three years (and that’s not even talking about the huge growth in Oregon, Idaho and Alberta.) It’s a lot of fun playing with VRC robots in this region.

– The BCIT event has some of the coolest custom trophies in all of VRC.

I’m looking forward to the new 2013-2014 season.

When are the results for A and B division going up?