BC Championship Photos

So whadday know… WASABI and Robosavages working together for the win. Nothing like having two World Champion teams ally to take the “A” Division title, eh? (and keep an eye out for their partners, 917K, Quantum Robotics, in Anaheim, too.)

Event results have been up for a while for A Division and B Division

But the photos just went live today.

Anyone got any good video links to add?


Thanks as always for your photos and videos Jason! Just as a quick correction, the winning alliance actually had 917Z. They were the perfect second pick for rounding out 1492A and 2Z’s alliance.

2Z couldn’t have done it without the help of 1492A and 917Z. We’re so grateful to have had you two as our alliance.


On behalf of our A team, thanks so much for picking us. There were way too many nail-biter games in the elimination rounds!

Right… 917K was on the dreaded “all orange” finalist alliance. Thanks for the correction.

And I can’t take credit for the photos… BCIT sent a professional photographer to shoot the event again this year.