BC Provincials

The video below is the elimination matches that was recorded from the British Columbia Provincial Championship. I had to release this late because it took almost two weeks to edit out the music played during the tournament while at the same time, preserving most of the audio (I could have muted it and have been done with it but I felt like I could take the time to preserve some of the audio and remove the music because it’s the second to last major tournament in BC).

Unfortunately, I was planning to record the Pacific Northwest Regional Championship on April 2nd but things have come up that day and I will not be able to make it. The next tournament that I’ll be recording will hopefully be the Sunnyside Season Opener for next season if they still decide to host it.

Also, I would like to thank everyone for supporting the channel and for watching. As of this post, the channel is almost at 400 subscribers (compared to around 170 subscribers in October 2015), every video that was uploaded prior to the linked video above for this season has more than 100 views and the Finals match from BC Fall Qualifier is currently the most viewed video with 20,052 views. Personally, this was one of the most difficult seasons for tournament recording and I appreciate the support given throughout this year.

You have done a great job all season! I have watched many of your videos because I love the quality and camera angle. Thanks for doing this!

Thanks so much.
It’s been great being able to look back and see how we’ve done and what we still need to improve on.
As well as being able to copy teams that beat us. :smiley:
Will you be doing the same thing next season?

I’ll still record the BC tournaments if I’m able to make it. As long as they are not on the same day as western WA tournaments that I already planned to go.

Thanks for doing this! The music there started to really annoy me the 4th 1st time I heard Justin Bieber…

Good job on the video. It is great quality, and the audio is good for most of it. It was nice to get to see the matches I didn’t get to watch on video.

This was a tough tournament with many amazing teams in attendance. Great job to all the teams at this tournament, especially 9181B and 2S, our alliance partners in the elimination rounds and tournament champions.