BC Season Opener Finals Video - 424 Point Total Score

The British Columbia VRC season got off to a flying start at Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby today. We had new world high scores in both skills challenges as well as the #3 highest scoring match of the season so far.

Congratulations to the finalists who won final #2 and scored 200 points (including a high lift) in final #3.

7842D Navigators, 2R Robosavages R, and 6264C Shawkbots

and to the champions who simply outgunned them with 224 points in the tiebreaking match,

9594C Mechanical Synergy, 2Z Robosavages Z, and 9181D Seaquam Seahawks.

I’m sure there will be more video to come. Feel free to add links to this thread.

Big thanks, as usual, to the volunteers… looking forward to seeing everyone at Fraser Heights, in Surrey a few weeks from now.


Great to see what’s happening at Canada.

Any videos of the skills challenge?
Heard there were some really high scores over there:)

Looks like the West Oahu tournament got their skills scores posted first, but expect to see some similar BC scores show up once the tournament file is uploaded.

I don’t have any video of the skills scores… but it is pretty simple to describe… just picture someone stuffing balls into a robot as fast as they can and then seeing those balls fly into the goal. The limiting factor on the robot’s shooting speed appeared to be the human player.