BC Season Opener Qualification Highlights

I’m planning on making a highlight reel of the notable qualification matches from the 2015-2016 BC Season Opener and while I have compiled a list of notable matches from that tournament, I want to know what matches you (especially the teams that competed and/or were in the tournament) think deserve to be in that video.

If you have suggestions, please reply to this thread of the matches you think should be in that video. If you haven’t watched the qualifications from that tournament and you want to help out, here is the link to that video.

Here’s my list of a few matches to highlight from the qualifications:
Match 41, Because 3 of the teams were in the finals.
Match 23, Both sides scored very well for a qualifications match (I was really nervous going into this one).
Match 24, An example of 2 teams that complement each other very well.
Match 31, I’m a bit biased toward this one, but I just think that everyone did a good job this match.
Match 4, Because of the autonomous, and the crash at the end.

I think this would be a good thread to discuss game strategy’s of robots we see in competitions. :slight_smile:

The blue alliance robot in match 41 has an amazingly accurate and fast firing rate. I love how the robot is barely half of the potential legal size also.

Yeah, hecka lot more compact than most of ours.

In match 4, I noticed that one of the robots ran into the starting tile of another in auto. Is this legal? Technically, when the match started, that robot was in the loading zone of the other team which is illegal. Just wondering if auto is an exception or something.

I don’t think that it’s legal (SG7), but I asked Andrew from 7842C, and he said that that wasn’t what the autonomous was supposed to do.

If it isn’t intentional its legal. i.e. if you hit another robot on accident and drive into their square. If its on purpose, i.e driving directly into the square without contacting an opposing robot it is up to the referees and they can look at your autonomous if they think its on purpose. At least this is better than accidently hitting a robot and driving into their goal and scoring for them while their robot swings around to face you and starts shooting the balls into your face. :frowning:

Well i’m pretty sure its illegal (if it was intentional), but i checked the manual and where what it had to say:

So it would appear that even if you intentionally (or accidentally) commit a foul during the autonomous period, it just results in the opposing alliance taking the autonomous bonus.

Finally finished the highlight video. Here is the link. Special thanks to Samuel Crouch (7842D) for the suggestions.

Next tournament that I will be recording is the BC Fall Qualifier on Nov 7th.

I find it amazing that you can afford to cross the border just record our matches, particularily this time since our last comp was only 2 weeks ago.
Ofc I am actually very grateful for that as you get good footage of the matches for me.
Thanks for visiting Canada!

Aside from gas and food, the costs aren’t too bad. I end up spending around 75 to 150 USD at most on the trip and going from Everett, WA to Vancouver, BC is usually a 2 hours, 30 min drive. Also, it’s nice to go somewhere different every so often:).

This is incorrect. The rules that mention intent are G7, G9, G11, G12, SG13, SG14 and R21. The relevant rule here is SG7 which does not involve intent.

It’s rare that a referee would need to look at a robot’s code. Bringing your code to a competition is not a requirement, so refs looking at code would result in inconsistent enforcement. I would suggest to refs to only look at code as a means for a team to demonstrate that their robot is not a safety hazard.

SG15 only applies if a rule violation is not “egregious”. If a violation is egregious then the team is disqualified just as they would be for a violation in driver control.