BC VEX Championship Photos

This link should take you to my shots from today’s tournament.

I’ve posted the slideshow in reverse order this time… starting with a few group shots of the Exothermics, some award presentations, the A and B division playoffs… and all the way back to the national anthems 300+ photos later.

If you want to scoot ahead, just use your mouse to bring up a navigation screen.

Congratulations to all the teams, thanks to the volunteers, and particularly our sponsors, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and iDesign.



My favorite play-of-the-day is shown in this picture: here . 10Q (the winning alliance captain) had their roller separate during a Finals match, but it still sort-of worked and they went on to win. It was an exciting moment. In our club 575 tends to get most of the attention (they are the most experienced team, mostly seniors, and have been doing well for a couple of years), but it was 10Q that was undefeated in qualifying and went on to a 12-1 record. They are all in 10th grade.

Thanks for posting Pictures !

Will you have any videos available?

I didn’t see any video cameras near the playing fields… the video highlight of the event, however, wouldn’t have been in Div.A… it would have been the Exothermic Ball chucker in Div B. The one that used high-speed spinning wheels to launch the footballs across the field. You’ll see some slow-mo snapshots of it in the photos, though.

Or maybe it would be the 74-74 elimination round tie in Div. B…


Around this picture of a
shooter bot in action is an action sequence of it throwning a football across the wall.

Can I get a description of how it works? It appears it has multiple traction wheels on the top that roll the ball up and over, but it’s not clear how it shoots them across the wall.


Our team 10D built this robot after I told them that I thought it was impossible to build a pitching-machine robot with VEX parts that could throw a football. It turns out that I shouldn’t ever say things like that…

You can see some videos of 10D in action at this link: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=vex+robotics+10d&search_type=&aq=f.

This video was recently posted by BCIT, the host college: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrPODqFn6eQ

Apparently I was a bit wrong about the video… no video of matches, but some BCIT students prepared a very cool promo video featuring kids and robots (and our most incredibly awesome tournament director) at:


There are a few videos on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=vex+bcit&search_type=&aq=f


Just a small tangent but this is the video of the final finals match. We almost pulled 575 onto their back right at the start of autonomous. Very fast paced match between quick dumpers. In case anyone was wondering, we were pushing footballs into the slot so they didn’t count and we didn’t have to worry about them.

Also around 2:30 we did the near impossible, we got a football back onto the tee during a match =D.

I was watching that with some other members of 1899 and it was amazing. 2z’s design is really nice (pretty much impossible to block since it’s 4-bar link brings it so tall), just needs some touching up.

I counted the # of times footballs went across the wall (changed the score) and it’s 81 total and the bonus ball went across once, meaning the alliances scored 210+ average excluding even greater potential points lost due to blocking as well as excluding green balls.

I thought the match was over in the first 30 seconds but Gladstone really came back to scare Exo, it seems, especially around 2:39 when they blocked 10Q while getting some of theirs over. The robots seemed so evenly matched that in spite of a huge lead just one block seemed to threaten the match for exo.

I kept expecting 2z to score some triangular goals, but it never did. I assume it’s capable of doing so…

Rick, I think perhaps the best part of the video outside the match would be your son in the last 5 seconds. Best coaching ever! :slight_smile:

As for 10D, do you know why they even alternate the large and small wheels? I dont think the smaller wheels in between the large wheels serve any purpose, so why don’t they take them out and replace them with spacers to decrease the weight, and in turn be able to increase the gearing on their wheels to move faster? It seems like they’d be much more efficient that way.

hence why i considered it a “piece of scrap metal in beta”

Our robot will need to be fine tuned come worlds

i dont know y butt team 2z has a very familiar robot but i cant explain it lol

didyou see the pics of 677?

yea i uploaded the pictures and more recent from east Brunswick under my brothers account before he made me make my own that may look a little more similar in the fact that they also copied my bottom rollers that aren’t in that picture.but their version has a very good concept of its own that is the ability to dump out the back instead of reversing the rollers and spitting balls out which gives them some advantages in speed. their change to my design did defeat major points of the design like accuracy, capacity, the ability to do everything on the field like scoring green balls in the triangles which i think is not very easy for them because they would fall over and be out of that match. but i cant expect people not to want to copy my design in any way they want to if i put it up on the internet and even at competition people always ask to take pictures :slight_smile:

Team 10Q competed with a 4-bar-link roller-intake robot in November of last year. Perhaps you copied their design?

With the same problem and the same parts kit a lot of robots will look similar. Execution of design and teamwork are the key differences.

i was working on my design for a while before November and i uploaded my first pictures in November or around November but i don’t think i ever saw the robot your talking about even though i do watch many videos on youtube to see what people have come up with and what i could use to improve my designs but i have not seen many robots that look EXACTLY like mine in almost every detail like 2z

677 was an inspiration for this robot - credit that was not given to them.

Our team has experience with/against catapults, high capacity dumpers, 254a-ish robots, but we have yet to test out a 4 bar link system. (other than 10_ and 1107…a?)

We merely wished to try out a new concept ;D, and have even evolved the design itself (Dumping from the back and even over the goals).
BTW who says we can’t dump from the front.

what about 1107a?
i thought they were the first robot in our area that can lock triangles
they changed their robot lots of times, but their main concept was the same
and rather than having the 4bar linkage on the side, they had theirs on the top
just a slight variation

i meant that you guys might have a hard time scoring the triangles because it looked like in the video that you guys were tipping a little every time you went to dump footballs but i could be wrong. i really thought it was a very good change to the design to dump from the back instead of the front so good job :slight_smile:

The tipping I believe is mainly to do with slowing down near the wall as well as raising the arm at the same time. I’ll confirm that they can score both out the front and back though.

On another note, I think 10D’s pitching machine style robot could potentially outdo most catapults if they got it picking up faster. I’ve seen it launch footballs within seconds of each other, something which I haven’t seen any catapults manage to replicate. Given an improved pick-up mechanism, that would be interesting to see at worlds.