BCPSS Summer STEM Academy Championship

Results and news from the BCPSS Summer STEM Academy Championship.


Great photos of some of the students talking with judges in this morning’s print edition.



results.zip (7.7 KB)

the part about the kid at the end was cool

WHOA, what???

WHY is the bottom rung of the ladder missing? :eek:

? _Cody

It was a local rule change. These are summer school program working with limited parts and time.

It did make it easier for all the teams to have robots that were able to hang, the requirement was to have them off of the floor. Since most teams didn’t have programming skills there was no autonomous period. All other rules were in effect.

You may have seen a number of Q&A entries from Blake and I, it was an outcome of the matches we had. And yes we did have a robot hang and then have the battery fall off.

Ok cool!

On a completely off note, I saw that font we worked created on a few shirts at the World Championship. :slight_smile:


Hey you guys did good!

Fantastic effort in getting so many students together!

How did you do it?