BDS format file

Is anyone know how to open downloaded .bds file?


Try right click, open with, EasyCv4 for Cortex.
Otherwise, post an example.

Unix utility “strings” will show the code if you just want to look at it in general, without {} or hierarchy.

.BDS is part of a multifile project for easyC. To open the file in easyC you need at least it’s matching .ECP / . ECPX file.

How? I have EasyV4 which was not able to open it.

I tried to from adding existing function, but not work either

EasyC, of any version needs both the .BDS file and it’s matching .ECP / . ECPX file to susfully open the Project…

It is Best to .ZIP them together so that everything you need gets downloaded…

Also, EasyC would have to Register the File Extension .BDS to be able to Double Click the .BDS file and have EasyC Open it up…

If your .ECP / .ECPX file missing you can copy another from another project and Rename it to match the .BDS file name.

Yes, there is not much in an .ECPX file as far as I can tell. This was from a simple project.


Perhaps create a new project, save it and then replace the .BDS file with your own (rename it first).


Just tried it and it works. It will complain of other source files that are missing but you can open the .BDS

The Sample Projects that come with EasyC are even Simpler: