before and after

lets get a blast from the past. show pics of your bot from when you started then of where you are now. it’ll be interesting to see how far our robots have come.

The first picture is our first iteration of our robot, with a 5 motor H drive, 2 motor choo-choo catapult, and 2 motor high hang. This was during the summer, around the middle of June. It does not have an intake of any sort, more of a proof of concept for the catapult. The robot is shown hanging over a shard of 1"x12" wood, with the top and the bottom both being factory edge. Incidentally, 1"x12" is actually only 11 and 1/4 inches, so that’s not a full high hang on most fields, although we do have quite a bit of clearance, so I guess I’ll never know if that bot could actually high hang.

The second picture is a recent iteration. 6 motor drive, 4 motor lift, 2 motor claw. Fairly self-explanatory.

Wow, that’s a lot of wheels/encoders on that drive. Not to mention the 8 standoff prongs… How well do those prongs work?

6 motors = 6 wheels, and we had 2 passive wheels for encoders.

The standoffs worked fine, we had to use lexan on the back bit so that stars didn’t get stuck, but that’s the fault of the c-channel, not the 8 standoffs. As far as picking up stars/cubes, the fork worked as expected. It slid under cubes and stars, and nothing caught.

First picture is my oldest prototype my team constructed, built it in like 5 hours. Used a custom cut slip gear to create a catapult with rubber bands.

Middle is our second prototype, which was like the first prototype, but much better. High strength gears, high strength shafts, we ended up switching over because this design was too complicated & broke too much.

Much In Between_____

Fast forward to now, we have a pretty good claw, which dumps backwards. This design is far more reliable, and is much faster than he catapult we had been using. I can’t find an image at the moment, but I will take one tomorrow and post it :slight_smile:


The first image is our first robot, a dumper with a four motor 1:7 lift and a fork with 3 pieces of c-channel. The second is our current and final robot, an 8-bar front dumper with a six motor 1:7 lift, a two motor 1:5 claw, and a four motor high speed drive.