Before posting in Q and A

I have seen a lot of people posting questions in the Q and A that are either repeats, answered in the game manual, or unofficially answered various times on the forum. A lot of people are getting mad, but I feel like it is somewhat understandable, because a majority of users doing this are new. I think this thread could be used for posting unofficial responses to Q and A posts that can be easily answered. For example, you can hang in autonomous, but as soon as you get down, you lose those hanging points. Also, it is not illegal to throw stars out of the field. They will simply be placed in the zone from which they were thrown (%between%)

Yes, you can expand outside of 18^3 after start of match.

Broken stars can be fixed with hot glue.

It’s not illegal to accidentally throw game objects out of the field. Throwing them out intentionally, as a strategy, is illegal, as stated in G9.

I like the idea of this thread. Hopefully some people will have their questions answered here before posting in the official Q&A.

Just thought I’d post it here for your opinion first.

I noticed that the cubes tend to compress the more we practice with them. How will this be combated at competition (are we going to have someone dedicated to fluffing the cubes or something) ? I know this has nothing to do with the game, but I’d like to know what will be happening so at every competition it is uniform.

Very sorry. That’s what I meant to say, but thanks for catching my mistake.

I Doubt anybody will do anything about it. That was one thing I did’t like about the cubes though. They’re so inconsistent, that they flight path, or the way they stand will always be slightly random

I think that event host will just shake the stars before each match, giving them a good shaking seems to decompress them, and as it is easy to do I imagine it will get doen

Actually, if you log out of your account, there are a few sticky posts, one of them is the Q&A guidelines. I feel like that should be at the top while you are logged in to, or some prompt when you are posting, that says have you read the usage guidelines or summary for the Q&A. I don’t know about the second one, but the first option seems doable.

I think this is the point of the GDC, to require the flexibility in design to handle a very inconsistent object…especially in autonomous.

I’m just afraid we might end up playing with a bunch of flat cubes during play, as mine doesn’t seem to decompress (given time). The cubes are “pillowy” to make it difficult to handle, not really to end up flat.

I respect the intent of this thread, but the reality is that the type of people asking questions on the official Q&A without checking for an answer first also aren’t going to read this thread.

Kind of like preaching to the choir…