any idea what i should make for my first robot, thinking about a grabber, waanted to put an air-soft gun on it but that would also mean cocking the gun so it’d be pretty hard…

How about you make a rubber band gattleing gun, ping ong launcher ( I built one it’s sweet), a stair climber, etc. Your imagination is the limit :smiley:

i heard about the rubber band thing, but how???

if you use one of the longest beams, put an angle gusset at the top then at the other side put a geared down 60 or 84 tooth gear. Put the rubber bands over the gusset and onto one of the gear tooths: its on another thread here somewhere, just have to find it. :stuck_out_tongue:

finally found it:

Right now I’m building the rubber band gun and it works great but now all I have to do is figure out how to mount it. Any sugestions?

Get an eletric air soft gun… there like 20$ from walmart. Then just do some kind of aiming thing with sensors…

On mounting it, do you have more metal than what came in the starter kit, because if you do, just put a vertical piece to the arm from the chassis. If not, then well, try to find extra pieces to use.

I have built many robots that have come out pretty good. The gun bot was one of my favorite ones. You could check out this robot and many more robots by clicking the link below. Enjoy

There also some good tips for begginers.

Send me your ideas and thoughts about my robots (p.s. some pictures aren’t that great)