I’ve just started working with VEX and I would like to know if anyone could recommend some ways to start building my robot. Any suggestion is welcome.
Thank you!

Are you going to be competing in starstruck? If so, build and program a simple pushbot and see what you can do with it.

Luckily this game can be played with quite simple robots. I made a post here that describes a general, simple process/procedure:

If you’re completely new, I would recommend building a dumper - it’s a two system design, your drive, and your arm. The drive train can be kept simple with a direct drive - I’d recommend 4 omni wheels, and 2 tread/traction wheels (one traction in the middle of the two omni’s on each side).

Essentially just your standard tank drive. Pretty much would look like this, except your motors are on the same shafts as your wheels, as opposed to geared or chained on.

Then, do a 4 motor dumper arm - this will allow it to operate quite fast (less torque gearing required with more motors). All it needs is the 4 motors geared together (2 on each side of the arm is ideal), connected to your arm extension. At the end of the arm you can have a pronged spatula made from standoffs. Optional, but to intake more stars/intake easier you can use your extra 2 motors to expand your pronged portion outside of the robot perimeter.

This is a solid example of what it could look like.
Let me know if you have any more questions.
Click here to view some sketches I made quickly just to illustrate the basics of the design.

Thank you!