Beginner kit for young adult

I have some questions about the vex IQ dual pack. I’m currently 27and have already some knowledge of programming and would like to learn more about robotics. I saw the vex IQ but I’m asking myself if it is also good for an introduction to robotics for young adults? Also, how does it compare to tetrix prime? I’m not interested in competition, only on the aspects of building and programming some robots.
Thanks for your help

I’m not quite sure what the “vex iq dual pack” is, as that description doesn’t really match any VEX product. Let’s try to clarify a couple things (since you’ve posted to EDR, but mentioned both Tetrix and VEX-IQ):

VEX-IQ is a plastic robotic construction system, quite versatile and economically priced. It is similar to the Lego Mindstorm robotic system.

The VEX EDR system (most will call it “V5” now) is a metal robot construction system, and would compare to the Tetrix prime system. I have used both, and in my opinion, the EDR building system has more versatility than the Tetrix system.

Considering you’re on the VEX forum, all the bias here will, of course, be towards VEX products. If your primary interest is robot programming, the IQ system will be economical: I’d recommend starting with a VEXIQ superkit. This will have everything you need to get started:

If you want the equivalent of the Tetrix (a metal, bolt-together robotics kit), then you’ll want to go with a V5 kit. Either the classroom starter kit (most similar to the tetrix prime): or the classroom super kit: which has a huge array of parts and sensors. You can always start with the starter kit and buy more stuff, but the superkit gives about at 24% discount on the parts it contains.


Hi kmmohn,
Thanks for the answer. Not sure where to post it.
I meant the VEXIQ superkit. I’m mostly interested in improving my programming skill and learn some basics in mecannics and building. Is there a huge difference between the IQ and V5 packs? (except the fact that one is in plastic and the othe one in metal)
Also, I don’t find any info if the VEX IQ kits and the VEX EDR kits are compatible? If I buy a vex iq kit, will I be able to use after with a V5 kit?

If education like mechanical linkages, gear ratios, programming, etc. is your goal, the IQ superkit (plus you can look through the catalog and see what additional parts and mechanisms are available) will give you all you need.

As for compatibility, both the V5 Brain and the IQ Brain can be programmed using the same language, and the V5 vision sensor can be used with IQ, but generally, one uses either one system or the other. As for upgrading, if you buy an IQ superkit, and keep it in good shape, you’ll be able to sell it easily for 50-75% of what you paid for it, either here on the forums or on ebay, if that is any consideration.


Thanks for your help and explanation. I will go for the vex IQ and start from here. Later on move to V5 if I need to

The IQ plastic parts and the EDR metal parts have the same hole pitch so you can make hybrids. The motors and sensors are not compatible across platforms though.
Also, gears and sprockets etc. use the same shafts so some compatibility here too.

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Vex IQ should be fine for an introduction to robotics. Tons of gears and building is dead simple.

If you want to play with more advanced programming stuff for robotics, I would advise getting a gyro if it doesn’t come in the kit you buy. I would also make sure you get 4 omni wheels so you can build a holonomic drive (I believe the kits come with them).

Something important to note is the vision sensor is a slightly modified Pixy Cam, and as far as I’m aware you can’t upload your own custom code to it. So if you want to do more complex vision, it might require a bit of finagling.

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The IQ super kit does include a gyro but does not include any omni wheels.

Note also that the vision sensor is not yet supported by all programming solutions for IQ, I believe currently only RobotMesh Studio supports it.


Thanks all for your valuable advice. I will take the IQ super kit for Christmas. The fact that both IQ and EDR parts have the same holes is great news, wasn’t sure about that. Do you advice for a beginner in robotics to use the visual programming language or start directly with a text based language? I have already some knowledge in C and Python


being an adult with some programming experience, you should use the text based programming right away.


If you really wanted to continue you should use the v5 as there are more advanced concepts involved, I’m not sure if they have an age limit for Vex U but if they don’t you can try that with v5, you just wanted to learn basic robotics I would recommend the EV3 over the vex Iq since it has better build quality.