beginner question

I have a vex robotics starter kit in shipping to me right now and I was wondering if the builds you can do with the starter kit are very limited? For example would I need to buy a metal kit right away?


We all started with the starter kit and could give you advice. When i got my starter kit i was very pleased and was able to make endless creations from the parts that came from the starter kit. One thing you might need is another motor for 4 wheel drive but until then there is many options of vehicles that only need 2 motors to drive. Imagination is the limit and look in the gallery for ideas on what to build. brettkrupa

It is all dependent on what kinds of robots you are creating. I second that another motor is needed. A metal kit would be good for a larger project or if you plan to cut your metal in my opinion.

and also a gear kit, so that you can make stronger arms on a robot. if you feel that you enjoy vex a lot, you should consider a programming kit.

I think that the starter kit should come with 4 motors not 3 and 1 servo. I just have never really used my servo except for a claw here and there. But a servo could be easily substituted for a normal motor that is geared down because the motor would have more torque and range of motion than the servo while gripping objects

in my opinion you wont need a metal kit for a while i created tons of different bots with just a starter kit.


I got my kit about a year ago, and the only thin that i have so far purchased was an extra kit with 3 motors a serve, some wheels, and a little metal. But until then i got by just fine, and never really really need it, and i really didnt, but it was like a $150 value for $40 on eBay. I really suggest buying it s0oon just so you can do a lot more.

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It was REALLY hard for me to build stuff with ONLY the VEX kit. It takes a great amount of thinking about not only design, but parts.

I suggest the 150 tripack, and maybe a couple of omni directional wheels. It really DOES depend on what you want to do. For example, if you want to make a swerve drive, get an advanced gear get that has a differencial to stop the back two wheels from skidding. want a 3 jointed arm? get more motors. Need more building space, get a larger chassis kit.

things like that

My Advice:

  1. Wait for your Starter Kit.
  2. Build SquareBot when you get it.
  3. Decide what you want to build.
  4. Order parts (if needed)

my advice:

  1. DEFINITELY wait till starter kit gets to you
  2. build square bot
  3. build another bot thats NOT the square bot using only the peices in your starter kit.
  4. see if you want to build one with more peices. if you do, order them.

you basically repeated everything i said.

Also, brettkupta, try looking on ebay–there are many parts that are sold very cheap, (since some ebay stores sell in lots of 10 and 25). There isn’t too big of a selection of parts, but if you find a huge lot of different kits, try finding a friend who has a vex kit and you could probably split it up or whatever.

Anyways, good luck with your robot, if you have any trouble, just message me.

all I have is my starter kit, a programmer, a ultrasonic sensor, a battrey pack set, and a chain and sprocket kit.
I would sugest that if you play with it a lot you should get the batterey set,
all those nicads can get expensive!
if you plan to do many more sensors thean limit and bumper switches you shoult get the programmer.
then once youre experinced decide what to do from there.

lol thats same as me except i have tank tread kit instead of programming

I think you mean alkalines. Ni-Cads are cheap relitave to their life-time. Alkalines also loose voltage as they loose capacity.

I recommend to anyone who uses a robot to use high mAH rechargeable batteries for their micro-controller.

i have one and i don’t think it is limiting of course if you wanted to try something that isn’t supplied there it proably isn’t for starters to start with ^^

I started with a Vex Starter kit, and I found that yes the designs that they give you (only one) are not enough. But if you use your imagination and do things like I did such as putting the SquareBot’s (you will learn what that is soon enough) wheels in the inside of the Bot and the motors on the outside, you can also create challenges for yourself such as how tall can you make a robot? or how fast? I would pick up a programming kit, a tank tread kit, and an advance gear kit after you get the hang of Vex stuff. It is a really neat and educational kit, and I would recommend it to anyone.

The whole forum is talking about NICADs. NIMHs work much better.

hey i have a vex squar robot, and does anyone know how to stop it from drifting?

Adjust the trim on the remote if it is drifting while in operator control.

If it is drifiting in auto mode then adjust the values you are sending to the motors.

i’ve found the value i need to put it at but its a decimal. and i can’t enter a decimal. any suggestions?

Put in the closest whole number then.