Beginner Robotic Building Challenges?

I’m hosting an event where I teach other kids robotics, and I’m trying to think of a building challenge for them to do as the final session. Any ideas? For reference I have the Starter Kit and the Booster kit, so unfortunately I am limited to one Brain. If needed I could buy another one.

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If there is a limitation to electronic components try having them generate power through other means… twisting rubber bands, kinetic energy, etc…
Have a challenge to create the fastest moving arm. This can help teach gear ratios and the importance of them.
There are many ideas but the best ones should be tailored to what you have taught.


a vex drag race is always fun. limit each bot to a certain amount of motors so that everyone working with the same amount of power. this helps teach the importance of the balance of acceleration and velocity. sure you can have a super high top speed, but if your acceleration is too low you’ll could come in last. you can also get creative designs like storing energy with rubber bands to have a higher initial acceleration


We just ran a robotics camp to raise money for our new season and at the end we had our campers play soccer with old Squared Away balls.

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You can start by having them try a clawbot(IQ or V5) as a basic introduction, then try to set up some sort of mini-game or challenge in which they have a designated time to build a robot and try to complete a goal.

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Maybe even the Autopilot as a start and have them design their own modifications

maybe but the Autopilot doesn’t have example arm