Beginner Vex Team and Programming

My team and I are a brand new Vex team with no experience in robotics. I am my team’s main programmer and I’m looking for some resources to help out with Vex V5 Blocks. I have very little experience coding and I am struggling to find some good resources to learn from.
Any link or resource suggestions? I have already looked at and can’t find a lot new for Blocks.
(Please go easy, everyone has to start somewhere!)

I personally don’t have any experience with blocks but if you want to find out what all the blocks do and how they work check here
If you need any help with anything like variables, functions, vision sensor or anything, just ask!
good luck by the way, hope you guys can find your way around vex EDR

Warning, semi-long rant ahead

The best way to think of any code, specifically in vex, is in sections like these:

  • In the autonomous period, you have 15 seconds to perform your autonomous task
  • In the driver control period, you have much more time to do your driver control task
  • Before the match begins, but once you start your code, you can execute a pre-autonomous task which can be used to set variables and the like

All of those are functions, which are essentially groups of code, and in the case of blocks, a very large group of blocks, that execute sequentially when called on. When you go into your coding environment (ide, etc.) look for and select that this is a competition project, or use a competition template.

This competition template will have some of the code already there for you, as well as some comments to help guide you. In a competition, the computer running the match will send out the signals to trigger these functions, in the code, the headers will look something like “when driver control”, and you put the code to be executed during that part of the match in the appropriate section.

If you need anything specific, this is one of the best places to look: Command Reference

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Now that my completely disorganized info dump is over, DM me if you have any specific questions I’m more than happy to help.


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