Beginners Guide to RobotC

So I’ve been meaning to do this for a while (since about the beginning of Gateway) and so I’m now finally doing it. It is a Beginners guide to RobotC that I made, and I would absolutely LOVE comments and feedback if you have a chance to read through it. Here is a link. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Excellent job!

A few comments:

  1. Nice job highlighting key phrases.
  2. Perhaps talk about installing drivers for the computer prior to actual programming? This is not particularly RobotC oriented but if one was to start from scratch with this guide it might be beneficial to have it on there also.
  3. Emphasize on commenting / style. You did an excellent job in all of your programs and it should be emphasized to beginning programmers so they will write nice code that’s easy for others to read / debug. Again, this is not RobotC oriented but just programming in general.
  4. Maybe have a section for Cortex? You’re probably working on that already. If you do work on it, then you can talk about Analog / Digital sensors a bit more since they are specified on the Cortex controller.
  5. Put an extra small section for the Skills Template. At that point the readers should understand enough to copy / paste their code from the Competition Template but just in case if they are not sure.

That’s all I have for now. I’m very impressed by your work and I think new programmers will be able to utilize this guide to quickly program something for their robot, whether it’s for prototyping, or starting scratch for competition.

Lastly, maybe mention the help section in RobotC? I know the documents are outdated and a bit lacking but they generally are quite helpful for beginners. You should make this into a series and have an intermediate / advanced guide!

Well done!

Perfect timing because i am just learning ROBOTC now!:slight_smile:

First of all, thanks for your kind words and for reading through it! :slight_smile:

You have some really great points, which I will look at including in future updates and the other 2 guides I have yet to make (The Intermeditate guide and the Advanced guide).

Your ideas…

  1. I hadn’t thought of that! I will certainly add that sometime.
  2. Back when I created this guide, I was programming for PIC. Since, we have upgraded to Cortex and my future guides will probably be made for Cortex. I will probably add the basic differences for programming.
  3. I might add that to the section that includes the competition template.

I will also add a link to the RobotC help files.

I originally planned to have just a single huge guide, but shortly after I changed my mind as I thought it might be too complex to write and daunting for a beginner. I have planned to make 3 or 4 guides for a long time and I started the Intermediate one back in August/September, though progress stopped for a while over the Robot World Cup time.

Thanks again!!


LOVE THE HEADER! It so George! :stuck_out_tongue:

HEHEHE, english spelling of program :stuck_out_tongue:

I would suggest something about the debug window/console, so that they can make sure sensors are working and that the encoders are plugged in and pots around the right way ect (so they dont break sensors D:)

Otherwise its a great guide! I learnt something new :stuck_out_tongue: (the no autonomous thingy, because we always run autonomous so i didnt know), if you are ever writing another guide like that (or about anything) im available to write some of it if you are pushed for time (or are just too lazy) :stuck_out_tongue:

Il let you know if i have any other suggestions :slight_smile:

Yeah, the header is quite George-ish. so is the one for the intermediate guide :stuck_out_tongue:

And naturally an English person has to use an english spelling :stuck_out_tongue:

I will possibly add something about the debugger to the beginners guide, but Im not sure whether it would be better in the Beginners guide or the Intermediate guide. Something for me to think about. and I will definitely keep your offer in mind!! Im not so much pushed for time, but I sure am lazy at times! (The deadline for the Intermediate guide was the beginning of September, Im still currently on the first page now in December). I really ought to get on with it.


when will the intermediate come out?

very good question. I haven’t any idea yet, it will probably take a while to make. A first guess would be June/July for he first version, but I will announce a more accurate date when I have a better idea.


Hi everyone,

A quick update on the Beginners Guide to ROBOTC: I have just uploaded the newest version, which includes the changes for programming with the Cortex Microcontroller. The link is here.


It says I need a Password… The Original Tutorial did not… The Link is not quite the same either…

[EDIT] The Link in your first post seems to download your latest document… The Edit and Copyright data on each page is 2011, but you refer to RobotC 3.05 and a Copyright of 2012 on page 18… [/EDIT]

After I updated to 3.05, I keep getting “Failed to initialized Star Task 0, try redownloading” whenever I start the debugger. I re-did the Cortex Master Code + RobotC firmware and then downloaded my program again but I keep getting the same error.

Any suggestions?

Thanks!!! I didn’t quite give the right link out… :stuck_out_tongue: I gave the admin link instead of the public link. Ill fix that now.

As for the copyright, I was rushing it for getting it printed for the NZ Nationals and didn’t think to update the copyright year. Ill do that now too.

Thanks again! They are things I wouldn’t have spotted. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Strange. Ive never seen or heard of that before.

Did you update the VEXnet Joystick firmware too?

The only other thing that comes to mind is restart your robot, see if it happens again, if it does, check your batteries and programming cable (I have had many strange issues with programming cables).


Yeah I re-downloaded the Joystick firmware. What do you mean by “check your programming cable”? Like check that it’s plugged in correctly? :confused:

Yes, check it is plugged in correctly, but also if you have a spare cable, test to see if the cable is faulty or not. Try a different one (if you can), if a different one works, the programming cable is the problem.


I will go over the Whole Document in the near future, since I haven’t downloaded a Program to my Cortex, yet, and I want to get the RobotC Toolchain working, as well as the EasyC4.x…

Awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for putting so much time and effort into this to help others. It’s an impressive piece of work!

Thanks for your kind words! :slight_smile:

Thanks also to all the people who have read through it, spotted errors and pointed them out for me so I can make it better and better. :slight_smile:

As of yesterday it has had just over 940 downloads.