Beginning of auton

At the beginning of auton, what is a good sensor to start with?

Depends what you want to do, please elaborate

Mainly, caps.

Well, vision is always a good idea, but it can be kind of finacky from what I hear. You’ll want encoders on your wheels if you aren’t using V5’s built in ones.
If you want to test if something is in your intake, a line follower does well. If you’re willing to do a bit of tuning, ultrasonic range finders might be able to help you line up with poles if you don’t have a TVAConnor style passive alligner.

This might be a cringe question but what is a encoder and how do you code it and use it?

actually I’m Connor also has a sensor on his aligner

What is an Encoder?

@Firerobot1008 Rotary encoder - Wikipedia

Ok thankyou. One more question, how do you start coding with sensors in auton. How do you tell all the motors to start at the exact same time or more than one motor if a certain sensor detects something?

well, all sensors, once configured, will return a value. some sensors, like touch sensors, will return a value of 0, or 1. others, like potentiometers and encoders will return a huge range of values. I’d look up some good sensor tutorials on youtube, there are plenty out there.

@Vyx always honored for the random mention from awhile back, but what does this have to do with the topic at hand?

To not make a useless post, make sure you reset the encoder values to 0 to ensure you get good readings when moving.