Being blocked from scoring

Is my opponent allowed to use their robot to sit inside of my goal zone (the one without the protected area) and prevent me from placing cubes inside of the goal zone?

No, SG3 prevents them from contacting your goal zone. However, they could make a robot that surrounds the zone to block you from scoring.


Does the small goal have the same protection?

No, the smaller of the two goal zones lacks a protected zone (If you look at the field there are no tape lines). However, per < SG3 >, they still can’t mess with cubes that are actually in the goal zone, so as long as you can get them in there , they are protected without an actual protection zone.


Coo l, thx

@224x @ellie1069E The original question was about the small zone. The boundaries of both goal zones are protected by <SG3> in addition to the cubes within them.

If a robot wanted to block the protected scoring zone, could they do so inside the outer zone, as long as it stayed outside the inner protected zone?

But because your trying to score you can try to push them in and they would get dq’d, like in itz,

So are you saying if an opposing alliance pushed the blocking robot into the inner protected zone, the robot blocking the area would be DQ’d?


I was under the impression that you cannot force someone to commit a violation

Yes as stated in the game manual, you cannot force someone into commiting a violation.


…Previous Definitions, Rules and Rulings found in documents and Q&A’s from previous seasons do not apply to the current game. If clarification is needed, the question should be asked on the current Q&A…

It wasn’t from a q and a, it was just how it was ruled because protection goes to the scoring bot

Yes it was: Answered: Blocking Opponents from Entering Zones

Wasn’t this not a official q and a though? It was just Karthik explaining the rules. Anyway I’m just saying it will probably work the same way because rulings will be in favor of the scoring bot

Karthik used to be the head of GDC clarifications and the official Q&A used to be a section of this forum.

“In favor of the scoring bot” doesn’t necessarily mean “and DQ the defensive bot” (which is how I was ruling this interaction in ITZ before the GDC made its ruling). It could also be interpreted as the defensive bot receives no penalty per <G14>, and the offensive robot receives no penalty for <G14> because of <G13>. If you read <G14>, the wording about the robot being forced into violation being immune to penalties for those forced infractions is not contingent on the robot doing the forcing being penalized under <G14>.

It probably needs a question on the official Q&A to clear it up, just like it did in ITZ.